Telco Network Digitalization – Success Till Now and a Future Ahead

At this point, realizing automation was the initial key, and applying AI/ML in the network is considered to be the next phase after that. In 2023, It will be interesting to see how other Tier 1 and mostly Tier 2 operators and connectivity providers leverage learnings from this and plan their way ahead to generate new revenue streams.

Gartner’s strategic tech trends show the need for an empowered edge and network for a smarter world

Take any leading tech vendors – they are all indulged around these technology trends Gartner has listed. They are actively optimising or innovating existing solutions, offering new revolutionary products to support digital growth. But I believe that all the innovation will be consumed by the end user at its fullest when there is continuous upward innovation in IT infrastructure and communication networks. Smart devices can only be smart if they have capabilities to communicate in real time.

Exploring the roadmap of fully ‘zero touch’ NFV for 5G networks

We are all aware of the fact that the world is moving towards intelligence-based automation. Emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine leaning, will be playing a key role in making network more intelligent. The journey towards a ‘zero touch’ network is started with a need by telecom service providers to couple with digital innovation and incorporate their efforts in the upcoming fifth generation (5G).

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