Exploring the roadmap of fully ‘zero touch’ NFV for 5G networks

We are all aware of the fact that the world is moving towards intelligence-based automation. Emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine leaning, will be playing a key role in making network more intelligent. The journey towards a ‘zero touch’ network is started with a need by telecom service providers to couple with digital innovation and incorporate their efforts in the upcoming fifth generation (5G).

Development of Cloud Native Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) using Open Source Platform – Ligato

When we talk about cloud native applications, the first thing came into picture is, a legacy monolithic application that is fragmented into microservices and deployed within containers. Fragmented pieces of applications i.e. microservices are dedicated for special task given to it within parent application, having its own resource utilization and scaling abilities. These microservices within […]

How DevOps Can Create Smarter, More Agile 5G Telecom Networks

I have written this article for DevOps.com.  I am re-publishing it here. There is no doubt DevOps revolutionized software development with its introduction of lean and agile techniques. By applying continuous deployment and continuous integration methodologies into software development, enterprises can build, test and deploy applications and release new services more rapidly. In this article, […]

Evaluating Container Based VNF Deployment For Cloud Native NFV

This article focuses on how telecom application are different than cloud native IT application, microservices approach for VNF development to achieve cloud native NFV, compares virtual machine and container based VNF deployment, benefits and concerns of using containers for VNF deployment in NFV instrastructure.

Why Cloud-Native VNFs are Really Important for NFV?

In last article, we discussed about how DevOps approach can be converged in NFV and had brief mention about application of DevOps for VNFs into NFV architecture. In this article, let’s talk about need for cloud-native Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). VNFs are software implementation of network function equipment packaged in virtual machine, on top of […]

Convergence of NFV & DevOps for Accelerating Innovation

With growing number of ‘connected’ devices, 5G technology promises to deliver accelerated connectivity to consumers along with lucrative services. But it has to compliment with automated internal operations which will speed up introduction of new lucrative services delivered through agile network. NFV & DevOps are the mainstream technology for many IT & telecom based companies. […]

Network Function Virtualization(NFV) Deployment Models

I have taken reference from presentation at OPNFV summit, Beijing (China) – Distributed vnf management architecture and use-cases There are 4 types of models to deploy NFV in any data center or telecom network service provider Centralized model Decentralized model Distributed model Distributed model (Edge NFV) Centralized model This is a basic and common model of […]

What is Network Function Virtualization?

Most of the organizations are going through a transition phase where use of technology in business operations has become mandatory. Major reason is – number of ‘smart’ and connected devices has rapidly grown along with huge spike in usage of mobile/digital traffic. As per Gartner, 20.8 billion connected things will be used worldwide in 2020. Currently, […]

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