Exploring the roadmap of fully ‘zero touch’ NFV for 5G networks

We are all aware of the fact that the world is moving towards intelligence-based automation. Emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine leaning, will be playing a key role in making network more intelligent. The journey towards a ‘zero touch’ network is started with a need by telecom service providers to couple with digital innovation and incorporate their efforts in the upcoming fifth generation (5G).

Development of Cloud Native Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) using Open Source Platform – Ligato

When we talk about cloud native applications, the first thing came into picture is, a legacy monolithic application that is fragmented into microservices and deployed within containers. Fragmented pieces of applications i.e. microservices are dedicated for special task given to it within parent application, having its own resource utilization and scaling abilities. These microservices within […]

Evaluating Container Based VNF Deployment For Cloud Native NFV

This article focuses on how telecom application are different than cloud native IT application, microservices approach for VNF development to achieve cloud native NFV, compares virtual machine and container based VNF deployment, benefits and concerns of using containers for VNF deployment in NFV instrastructure.

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