Role of Cloud Computing in Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation? In last 20 years we have seen the world is more connected. There is significant growth in number of devices (mobile, laptops, and wearables) connected to internet along with timely revolutions in network bandwidth and telecom network generations (3G, 4G and 5G). According to Digital in 2017 survey conducted by We […]

Case Study on Use of Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, DevOps in Tour De France

Application of technology innovations like IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning and DevOps in world’s famous sport event Tour De France sets a benchmark for digital revolution in sports arena. Not just sports, but such kind of application enabled decision makers and technical architects to acquire innovative possibilities in various sectors like healthcare, tourism, finance, business and many more.

Why Microsoft Azure Stack is Becoming More Popular?

Recent the state of cloud report published by Rightscale have uncovered some of the surprising market trends and statistics. Microsoft Azure public cloud service is gaining popularity among bigger enterprises and Small Medium Businesses (SMBs). Adoption is already increased from 20 to 34% and cutting AWS leads. Another major trend noticed in the report is – many […]

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